On 13th June 2016 our school received for the second time Certificate "Varsaviana School". The certificate is awarded by the Society of Friends of Warsaw to kindergardens, schools and other educational institutions to popularize knowledge about Warsaw and to promote creative activity of students exploring Warsaw.
The ceremony was held at the Museum of Independence. It was accompanied by artistic programs of children from kindergardens and primary schools. The activity of our school was presented by Paweł Nogal from class 3d.


According to the procedure for granting the Certificate Wars and Sawa, schools after 3 years from obtaining the Certificate may apply for an extension for an indefinite period by submitting the apropriate application with an internal evaluation program to support talented students. Last year our school applied for the above extension. The indefinite certificate has been awarded to 48 schools.
In the delegation of our school were the following persons: principal Ms Anna Chylińska, the leader SZWU Ms Dobrosława Kowalska, the leader of the evaluation program Ms Marlena Pacholczyk and students Przemysław Kopania -class 4d and Paweł Nogal - class 3d.
The indefinite certificate was handed by Deputy Mayor Warsaw, Mr Włodzimierz Paszyński and director of Education Office of the city of Warsaw, Ms Joanna Gospodarczyk. It turned out that our school is in a group of 14 schools with an asterisk, whose applications were assessed at the highest level.
The gala was led by Artur Wolski, teacher and cultural animator and organizer of many creative projects in the field of cultural education. In one of the competitions our student won a prize ( a ticket to Copernicus Science Centre).
During the award ceremony there was a scientific show prepared by Copernicus Science Center.


Varsaviana school
On 15 June 2015 the Society of Warsaw Friends awarded prizes and diplomas for distinguished teachers in Warsaw. Our school received the certificate for the first time.
The ceremony took place in the Bielany Center of Cultural Education. Ms Małgorzata Wojtatowicz welcomed all the guests. It was followed by children`s performance from Warsaw kindergardens and primary schools.

 Extracurricular classes


On the 8th of October 2012 our school, prof. Stanislaw Berger’s Hotel and Catering technical college No. 2, was honoured by WARS and SAWA, the Warsaw President's Certificate. Our school was paricularly awarded for supporting talented pupils.
Ms Hanna Gronkiewicz Waltz, who participated in the ceromony, gave our principal Ms Anna Chylinska the certificate. Mr Wlodzimierz Paszyński, the deputy of the Capital City of Warsaw President, and Ms Joanna Gospodarczyk, the Director of Education Office of Capital City of Warsaw. The gale of giving the Certificates of WARS and SAWA was attended by the chapter members who submitted certificate approvals, mayors of all districts of Warsaw together with Mayor of Praga Poludnie Mr Jaroslaw Karcz, governors of Education Departments together with Governor of Praga Poludnie Ms Marzena Adamiak and representatives of all rewarded schools.

The event was accompanied by academic display entitled “ Ciśnienie, czyli 20 000 torebek cukru”.
Our school was represented by: the principal Ms Anna Chylinska, Ms Dobroslawa Kowalska, the leader of school supporting team for talented pupils, and Michal Soliwoda, a pupil who in previous year had the best results and tried to get the President of the Council of Ministers reward.


Certificate of President of Warsaw WARS and SAWA issued for schools supporting talented students.

Multiple Intelligence Questionnaire
Characteristics of the behaviour of a gifted student

Characteristics of the behaviour of a gifted students - a tool for diagnosing by the teacher.
Diffrerent types of intelligence and their use for personal and professional purposes - interpretation of the questionnaire



Extra-curricular classes for telented pupils 2015/2016


Register of talented students - ZSGH

School program to work with gifted students - ZSGH