Artistic achievements

Artistic achievements 2018/2019


Photo Contest: “Immersed in a book”
On 23rd May, awards were given during the district photo contest "Immersed in a book" . It was organized by the School Complex No. 12 .  Yakymets Kateryna  from class 3h took the first place. Another student from this class, Kodrianska Yelyzaveta,,also received a distinction.




"Daffodils of Memory" Competition

Ania Torobińska from class 1f was awarded in an art competition. It was organized due to the 76th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Congratulations. 

Ania's work can be seen at the exhibition at the State Art Center "Nowolipki".

The post-competition exhibition will last until the 10th of May!




On the 9th of October three students with Ms Izabela Stoczkowska represented our school during the auditions for the XI Masovian Review of Artistic Inspirations with the Art of Agnieszka Osiecka "Lead us that way”. Yulia Muzyka (class 2c), Katarzyna Gadomska (class 2f) and Katarzyna Polak (class 3f) tried their best in Agnieszka Osiecka’s sung poetry. The auditions took place at the Prom Community Centre in Saska Kepa. Unfortunately, the girls did not qualify to the final gala concert, however, we remain hopeful as our students will take their chances again next year.


 Artistic achievements 2017/2018



 Yullia Muzyka, student from class 1c took part in two contests:

II Zbigniew Herbert Festival and Patriotic Song Competition.






Artistic achievements 2015/2016




Festival of Cultural Education



This year's festival was held under the slogan "Festival of Cultural Energy".


On Sunday 6th June in the Royal Chinese Garden participants presented their own literary works.


Our student Michał Łukaszewicz 3e was reading his poems. Congratulations!



Artistic achievements 2014/2015

On 4th March 2015 the deputy Mayor Praga - Południe Warszawy Jarosław Karcz handed the head teacher Ms A. Chylińska congratulations on the school success - first place in the 5th edition of the Warsaw Fair of Programmes and Projects of Cultural Education for the project "Warsaw Cuisine" - unforgettable heritage.


On the 4th of November during the finals of the 5th edition of
Warsaw Educational Programme Exchange
For the project „Warsaw cuisine – unforgotten heritage”
Our Culinary and Hotelary Vocational School

Received the prize from the city of Warsaw for the best project about cultural education in the Category: Upper Secondary Schools

The WPEK competition took part in many levels. The commission for the award was firstly presented with the verdict from Team of Local Coordinators who put forward 34 projects out of 78, for further consideration.
The commission analyzed the documents required: registers as well as photo materials. By following the criteria set in the Regulations winners were selected.

Among them a project "Warsaw cuisine – unforgotten heritage" was to be found which was authored by Joanna Wojtulewicz, Marta Bagińska, Beata Pręgowska.
The ceremony took place at Museum of Polish Jews Polin in Warsaw. It was accompanied by artistic events, speeches from the members of the commission as well as from the local authorities.
Following these, a picture was taken of all the winners.


About the project ...








We are pleased to announce that our project:


"Warsaw cuisine – unforgotten heritage"


Has found itself amongst 34 other projects nominated for


The 5th Warsaw Award of Cultural Education



Artistic achievements 2013/2014


On the 11th of April 2014, our pupil Krzysztof Ruciński from class 3k participated in a national song competition - XII Meeting with Song "Warszawa can be liked". During the preliminaries Krzysztof sang T. Love's song "Warszawa". Community Center "Włochy" organized the event.


Pupils from our school participated in the National Art Competition "TĘCZA" in two categories:
1) photography: Piotr Bąk 3h, Katarzyna Nazarewska 3g
2) artistic: Pawel Nogal 1g
Piotr Bak won the 1st place.

Artistic achievements 2012/2013


Our pupil Emilia Zgutka won the 3rd place in French Song competition. Among all the prizewinners she also got the audience award.

Emilia Zgutka - 14th July celebration of the national day of France

Emilia Zgutka - finalist in the French song contest 2013

On the 25th of June the semi-final preliminaries of French Song Competition "Sing in French" were held. The event's organizers were District office of Praga Poludnie and Trade and Industry Association.

All interested people came to Saska Kępa Culture Club at Brukselska 23 in Warsaw to look at performance of our school's representative Emilia Zgutka from class 3k1. She luckily performed well and became a finalist.

It enables her to perform in front of the audience on National Holiday of France on 14th of July on French St. in Saska Kępa.


During the second term of school year 2012/2013 an art competition en. "Miasto moje, a w nim..." was organized. Its aim was to introduce places and events of Warsaw's history.

Winners of the competition:

1st place - Lawenda Karolina class 3h


2nd place - Olszewska Patrycja class 3h - Wiśniewska Olga class 1g1


3rd class - Baran Marzena class 1g - Nowak Marcin class 1g1



First place in "Warsaw. I Like it!" competition
Pupils from class 3K who had won the first place in the "Warsaw. Like it!" competition, received their prizes and diplomas. The ceremony took place on the 19th of June at orginizer's place - Warsaw Center of Educational and Social Innovation. The chairman of WCESI and representatives of Museum of Polish Jew's history awarded the pupils. Pupils from our school were also acknowledged for the actual participation, since the competition traditionally interests the best Warsaw secondary schools. For our finalists, the first place wasn't a suprise, because they had perfectly prepared for the competition.



Photographic competition
Youth from our school took part in a district photographic competition "SACRAL OBJECTS in PRAGA POLUDNIE" organized by Schools Complex no. 84 in Warsaw.
Class 1h1 -Aleksandra Felczak, - Dominika Romanowska, - Zuzanna Romanowska
Class 2g -Merella Ilin, - Paulina Jedrzejczyk
Class 2h - Piotr Bąk
Class 2g1 - Sebastian Kostrzewa
The results and presentation of taken photos will take place on the 13th of June at 1200 in Culture Promotion Center of Praga Poludnie.

Piotr Bąk from class 2h won the 1st place in photographic competition. Zuzanna Romanowska got a distinction. We congratulate our laureates.

Headline.  A short story about one place in Warsaw.



First place in "Warsaw. I Like it!" competition
The 70th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto uprising was an impulse for four pupils from class 3K to tell, in form of a movie, about those tragic events from Muranow perspective. The short film of Marta Kot, Edyta Stępień, Łukasz Trzeskowski and Wojciech Mucha captivated interests of a jury and the group advanced to the IInd stage of the competition. Pupils were supervised by Mr Janusz Heller. They had to put a lot of effort to prepare for the event, which had a form of an urban game.

On the 17th of May all competitors had met before History Museum of Polish Jews placed in Anilewicza St. and started 3 hour game. Its aim was to find Jew related places scattered around Muranow and do certain tasks – among others, using map of prewar Warsaw, proofreading of literary work, singing jidisz song or event translating from Hebrew to Polish. After summing up the points it turned out that our pupils won. It was well-deserved first place!