For candidates to Catering – Hospitality School Complex


TIMETABLE OF RECRUITMENT to Catering-Hospitality School for the school year 2018/2019.



Information meeting for candidates will be held on 15th March 2018  at 4.30pm

"According to § 6 ust. 4 of Mazovia Head Education of 07th February 2018 on the admission of students to public schools and post-middle and post-secondary schools for the school year 2018/2019 candidates to first-class in schools which provide vocational training, submit application form and a medical certificate.

Candidates for technical and vocational schools can have medical tests free of chargé in health centres which are on the list of Mazovia Centre of Medicine in Płonsk." (the list will be shown after registering by Education Office)


THE FORMS FOR MEDICAL TESTS can be received on 10th or 18th May. dla kandydatów z I wyboru w in the SCHOOL OFFICE from 10am to 3 pm.

(The medical statement about lack of contradictions for training in a particular profession we submit to the school office until 12th July.)


Personal candidate form: download

We submit it to the school office until 12th July along with the original certificate, tests results from junior high school, doctor`s statement, photocopy of birth certificate and two photos.

 Candidates to class 1 in Catering – Hospitality School are asked to submit HEALTH CARD from junior high school (September 2018).



According to its tradition and experience, the school  educates in:




Education lasts 4 years, allowing you to adapt to the matura exam and continue your education at university.



If you are cultural, smiling and like to learn languages, choose the profession of hotelier.

It gives you the opportunity to contact the "big world". In your work you can meet presidents, real kings and queens, as well as favorite stars of music or sport. Everything is possible. Apart from work in hotel facilities such as hotel, motel, guesthouse you can work on campsite, youth hostels or so recently fashionable hostel. Hotel knowledge is useful everywhere. If you like traveling, you can swim on boarding ships or in the near future you will be able to take visitors to your hotel in orbit or in space.

This course of education prepares the graduate to perform professional tasks such as:

  • conducting promotional activities,
  • sales of hotel services,
  • booking hotel services,
  • guest service.



The most universal course of gastronomy education.

Provides lots of employment opportunities as:

  • a nutritionist,
  • the manager of the catering establishment,
  • manager,
  • nutrition technologist,
  • dietician,
  • occasional parties organizor,
  • catering organizer,
  • waiter,
  • sommelier (wine waiter),
  • cook,
  • authorizing officer in mass caterers,
  • as well as in the distribution of professional catering equipment or in wholesalers and large food markets.

Guaranteed satisfaction of work in the profession in your country and abroad. Culinary success is within reach of your possibilities!


Stanislaw Berger VOCATIONAL SCHOOL - LEVEL I nr 20

from 1st September 2017


Education lasts 3 years and gives you the opportunity to gain a job and the opportunity to continue your education.



A good cook is an artist. The talent and creative inventiveness is not everything. At the root of success lies a solid knowledge of the gastronomy.

The cook cooks various types of dishes, cakes, drinks using  tools, machinery and equipment in catering establishments and businesses. The cook plans and organizes work in the kitchen.

A graduate can work in:

  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • many public feeding places -  ships, ferries, passenger trains, private homes.



If you are an imaginative person and you are clever, if you have manual skills - we invite you to learn the profession of confectioner!

The job of the confectioner is primarily to produce all kinds of cakes, cakes, pies, desserts, sweets, pastry, ice cream and decorative items, which, apart from the taste, should also have visual qualities.

While studying at school, the student should be prepared to perform the following professional tasks:

  • operat
  • ion of machinery and equipment used in the production of confectionery,
  • preparation of confectionery intermediates,
  • preparing ready-made confectionery,
  • decoration of confectionery.



The baker profession prepares to perform the following tasks:

  • performing activities related to the storage of baking materials, preparation of warehouse documentation, maintenance of equipment and control of the measurement equipment in the warehouse,
  • operating machinery and equipment used in the production of bakery products,
  • preparation of bakery products,
  • shaping bakery products and baking,
  • preparation of bread for distribution.


Jobs in the baker profession::

  • bakeries and other baking facilities in Poland and in the European Union,
  • own business.

Students practise their profession at reputable Warsaw HoReCo company.