professor Stanisław Berger


"A truly great man is one who wants to learn something"

20th October 2011 will remain in the memory of our school community for a long time and will be one of the most important days in the history of our school.

That day our school celebrated the 65th anniversary of its existence and received the name of professor Stanisław Berger – „living legend” of the world science of nutrition.

By this event our school has been distinguished from other schools in the community and its profile has been identified more clearly. It can be said that the words of John Paul II, accompanying us from the beginning  of the choice of our patron, are the moral guide for our students:

„A really great is the man who wants to learn something”

The celebration of giving our school the name of professor Stanisław Berger began with a mass in The purest heart of Mary church, during which the Colour party was blessed. In the ceremony also took part guests from many secondary schools from Praga Południe district.

In the second part of the ceremony the memorial was placed on the front wall of the school building at 30/36 Majdańska street. The head teacher Ms Anna Chylińska opened it together with the founders : the representative of the bakery -Jan Stegman, the mayor of Praga Południe district – Jarosław Karcz and head of Education Department – Mieczysława Nowotniak and the Parish pastor – Krzysztof Ukleja.

Our celebration gathered together a numer of distinguished guests. Among others there were representatives of the city and education authorities and the academic community of SGGW represented by professor Krystyna Gutkowska – rector of SGGW, professor Joanna Gromadzka – dean of the Faculty of Food and Human Nutrition, professor Dorota Witrowa – Rajchert – dean of the Faculty of Food Science along with academic Staff of universities, representatives of catering companies, pastry shops, hotels and graduates of our school.

Next there was a ceremony of giving the name of professor Stanisław Berger to Catering – Hospitality School Complex together with reading the resolution of the Warsaw City Council by the mayor of Praga Południe district – Jarosław Karcz and passing the Colour party by the chairman of the Parents Council – Waldemar Sobiecki.

On the occasion of the ceremony the head teacher Ms Anna Chylińska received numerous gifts, congratulory letters with respect and appreciation for the didactic and educational work in ZSGH. The invited guests expressed great appreciation of the choice of our school patron, because it should be emphasized that professor Stanisław Berger is not only a scientific and moral authority, but above all a unique person with extraordinary wisdom, sense of humour and respect to other people, as we could see during the conversation with the professor.

During the ceremony students from Music School gave a performance conducted by Anna Pawelec and Jacek Gołębiewski.

Professor Stanisław Berger with his family

Professor Stanisław Berger with his academic Staff


Finally we visited the exhibition dedicated to Professor Stanisław Berger and our 65 years of history of our school. There was a treat prepared by different bakeries and confectioneries which cooperate with our school: SPC bakery, Wedel, Tedmar, Sodexo Polska sp. Z o o, Gastro Magic Service, Unilever sp. Z o o, Kamis S. A. and confectioneries Antolak, Ryszard Radzikowski, Halina Kryś, H.A. Ćwiek, S.T. Petryka, Lukulus, Amelia, Piast, Bizon, bakery Dojutrka, hotels Le Meridien, Bristol, Westin, Radisson Blu and graduates of our school.

The invited guests received gifts – chocolate with professor Berger`s image and school leaflets.

Who is Stanisław Berger?

He was born on 13th September 1923 in Lublin in a family with patriotic traditions. His ancestors took part in the January Uprising. His parents Adam and Zofia left Warsaw during German occupation and went to Lublin. They took active part in conspiracy education. In 1936 the Berger family moved to Warsaw Żoliborz district. The outbreak of the II Worls War changed the plans of young Stanisław. He started working in a manor house in Suchynia and managed to pass his matura exam. In 1941 he decided to go to Czernichów, a few hundred kilometers away, where Germans allowed to run a Polish agricultural school. After two years of education he became a agriiculture technician.

 In 1943 he returned to Lublin where he started working in manor house in Abramowice and was admitted to the National Army AK. After the outbreak of Warsaw Uprising he went to help people but on his way he was incorporated into the infantry regiment of general Zygmunt Berling and went  west with Soviet offensive. On 22nd April 1945 he was seriously wounded in a battle near Budziszyn. A few months later he enrolled to study on faculty of agriculture on the Lublin University. He was assistant at the Department od Animal Physiology and Nutrition. In 1948 he left for an internship to Brno. A year later he graduated as an engineer and two years later became a doctor.

 In 1950 he started working at Nutrition Hygiene Department in Warsaw. He was also employed at Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology and at the Department of Botany and

Technical Microbiology. In 1954 he started his research worka t SGGW in Warsaw where he was working for more than 50 years.

In 1955-56 he held several years of internships in USSR, United Kingdom and Holland where he deepened his knowledge of food biochemistry. In 1957 he went to the USA for one year`s studies and after his return he was the Head of Agricultural and Food Technology Faculty. In 1966 he became associate professor and in 1976 received the title of professor. In 1977 he became first dean of the Department of Human Nutrition at SGGW in Warsaw.

During his many years of work Stanisław Berger published about 400 scientific publications in many languages. They concern methodology of determination and metabolism of various components, vitamin A activity, protein quality, as well as knowledge of human nutrition, economics and food policy. He educated about 400 masters and 16 doctors. Several students of professor Berger have been professors or habilitated doctors. From 1967 to 1970 he worked at FAO headquarters in Rome and started close cooperation with the United Nations, FAO, WHO, UNICEF. He was training nutritionists in developing countries. He participated in the International Congress of Nutrition and organized international lectures, conferences and symposia. He was invited to developing countries as an expert in nutrition technology.

For his scientific and social work he received Commander, Officer, Cavalier, Order of Polonia Restitua. In 1995 Senate of SGGW gave him the highest academic dignity : doctorate honoris causa. He was also awarded Medal of Merit for the defence of the country as he took part in the battles of 1944 and 1945.

Stanisław Berger is a member of many associations and food organizations around the world in India, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. In 1996 he became a member of the British Royal Society of Medicine.

He is the eeditor of many scientific Polish and foreign magazines.

In 1993 he retires but stil lis actively working. He conducts lectures, works in many committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He organized social activities „Milk in school” and „Milk for health”. He is the co-author and chief editor of the most widely known cookbook in Poland „Polish cuisine” and „Warsaw Cuisine”.

In 2009 he was honoured at the 19th International Congress of Nutrition in Bangkok as the „Living Legend” of the world nutrition science.

Patron of Catering – Hospitality School Complex in Warsaw

- Catering and Hospitality School nr 2
- Vocational School nr 20

Students and teachers prepared materials and exhibitions about professor Berger`s life, his merits and achievements. Catering competition „Polish cuisine” is organized by our students. They visit places connected with professor Berger`s work. We participate in seminars and conferences organized by SGGW. We promote healthy diet and lifestyle, especially through the promotion of „7U” principles developed by professor Berger. Professor Berger takes part in important events of our school.

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