Hotel technician



A graduate of a vocational hospitality school is prepared to perform the following tasks:

  • conducting promotion activities and selling hotel services
  • booking hotel services
  • guest service at reception
  • preparation of accommodation units to receive guests
  • preparing and serving breakfast in the hotel
  • accepting and fulfilling the orders for hotel services
  • organizing additional services in the hotel


Subjects in extension

English, Geography


Subjects in theoretical vocational education

1.Basis of hospitality

2.Organization of reception work

3.Organization of housekeeping

4.Organization of nutrition service

5.Marketing of hotel service

6.Economic activity in hospitality

7.Vocational English


Subjects in practical vocational training

1.Organization in the hotel industry workshop

2.Consumer service workshop

3.Information technology in hospitality lab


Places of practice

1.School organizes professional internships in real life conditions.

3rd grade – 4 weeks of practice

2nd grade – practice once a week in hotels De Lux

2.The quality of the services provided, professionalism and pupils` abilities to work  are the priority in the choice of facilities for apprenticeship

3.Students decide which of the available facilities they want to practice

4.Students of grade 3 have the opportunity to practice in Spain

5.We cooperate with hotel companies from Warsaw and the surrounding area.


Employment prospects

Hospitality is a unique industry with beautiful traditions in which we create for Guests “home away from home”, we know new people.

A graduate with diploma confirming professional qualifications in the hospitality industry can find work in Poland and in European Union as:

  • hotel technician
  • catering service organizer
  • office worker
  • travel agent
  • tourist information worker
  • receptionist
  • steward, stewardess
  • tour guide
  • tourist guide
  • floor inspector
  • buffet-bartender



  • hotels and other hotel facilities
  • restaurants
  • leisure centers
  • spa establishments
  • agro-tourism
  • travel agencies
  • tourist information centers
  • industry foundations and associations
  • government administration responsible for promoting tourism
  • own business


Character features necessary in the job of hospitality worker are illustrated in J. Korczak`s words:

“To be human means to have crystal morality, unlimited tolerance, hard work and complete education and to help other people”.

In the hotel industry we deal with relationships between people and guest is the most important person.


A real hotel worker should follow the rules of savoir vivre. The basic principles are.

  • smile
  • courtesy
  • kindness
  • punctuality
  • discretion
  • loyalty
  • politeness


What after technical school?

After graduation a student may take the matura exam and then continue studying at university. He will be able to complete his qualifications in post-secondary schools at professional courses.


Procedure for acquiring professional qualifications

While studying in technical school the student passes two qualification exams. The first T 11 exam may be completed at the end of  third grade and the second T 12 exam in January/February in grade four.