Nutrition and catering service technician




Graduate educated in profession Nutrition and Catering Service Technician is prepared to perform the following tasks

  • preparing food and drinks
  • planning catering
  • planning and diet evaluation
  • offering catering services
  • running his own business
  • preparing new recipes
  • organizing the production process in catering
  • organizing the process of storage of different products
  • food protection from spoilage
  • monitoring the proces in terms of efficiency, quality and food safety
  • calculating the nutritional value
  • taking into account principles of rational nutrition, new recommendations and dietary trends
  • preparing daily menu and menu for special celebrations
  • use of computer equipment for planning catering
  • use of modern equipment in the field of catering according to safety rules
  • arranging and decorating dishes, drinks, tables and consumer halls
  • cooperation in a team and human resources management
  • accounting costs of catering service
  • communication with foreign customers in English


Subjects with extension

  • English
  • Chemistry or Biology


Subjects in vocational education

  • Technology and safety in catering
  • Economics in catering
  • Catering technology
  • Vocational English
  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Catering production
  • Catering service


Practical vocational training

  • Lab Technology
  • Practice in catering
  • Nutrition planning lab
  • Customer service lab


The place of practice

-Apprenticeship in accordance with curriculum (160 hours in III class)

The school organizes apprenticeship providing real working conditions. The priority is professionalism and the quality of services.  The students have their practice in the restaurants, in the hotels located in Warsaw. Students decide where they want to have catering practice. They can also take part in the training in Spain.

Industry catering service is constantly evolving. More and more people eat outside their home.

People travel and we will continue to create new jobs for catering service. It is quite easy to find work in catering.


A graduate with a diploma confirming qualifications in the profession of nutrition and catering service can find work in Poland and EU as:

  • specialist of healthy diet
  • dietician
  • nutrition technician
  • nutritionist
  • nutrition technologist
  • cook
  • chef
  • bartender
  • barista
  • plant manager catering
  • manager
  • maitre
  • catering organizer
  • waiter
  • sommelier
  • organizer of receptions
  • organizer of catering services
  • distributor of professional catering equipment



  • restaurant
  • inn
  • pizzeria
  • pub
  • bar
  • bistro
  • cafe
  • school canteens
  • own business
  • hotel
  • guest house
  • catering on ships, ferries, trains
  • entertainement venues
  • clinic healthy diet
  • wholesale (food, service equipment,packaging)