A graduate of cooking vocational school is prepared to perform the following tasks

  • making food and drinks
  • organizing and performing catering services
  • running his own business
  • providing food services in a catering establishment or in a restaurant
  • preparing new recipes for food and beverages
  • organizing the storage of raw food and convenience food
  • protecting food from spoilage
  • controling the technological proces, quality and food safety
  • observing the principles of nutrition, taking into account new recommendations and nutrition trends
  • using modern equipment and utensils
  • arranging and decorating food, drinks and tables
  • teamwork
  • communicating with foreign customers in English


Subjects in theoretical vocational education

  • Technique and safety in catering
  • The basis of business in catering
  • Food service and commodity science
  • Vocational English
  • Subjects in practical vocational training:
  • Technologial workshop
  • Catering production


Places of training

Vocational training according to the curriculum is carried out:

  • in 2nd class (192 hours – 6 hours per week)
  • in 3rd class (384 hours – twice a week for 6 hours)

School organizes internships in real working conditions appropriate to the profession being taught. Professionalism and quality of the service are the priority in choosing the places to practice.
These are mainly restaurants in 3 and 4 stars hotels located in Warsaw. Students decide where they want to have the practice.
Employment possibilities
The food service industry is constantly developing. More and more people, especialy in large cities are eating out due to their fast lifestyle. People are moving, travelling and relaxing so they are waiting for the full catering service. Therefore they will continue to create new jobs for cook. It is quite easy to find the work in catering and there are job offers available in Poland and abroad. The graduate will find work in Poland and in European Union as:

  • cook
  • head chef
  • catering Staff
  • employee of a food wholesale or large food market



  • restaurants
  • taverns
  • pubs
  • pizzeria
  • bars
  • bistro
  • cafes
  • school canteens
  • hotels
  • guest houses
  • catering companies
  • catering establishments on ships, ferries and trains
  • wholesale (food, equipment)