Pastry chef


Graduate of our school educated in the profession of pastry chef is prepared to perform the following tasks

  • use machines and equipment used in the production of confectionery
  • preparation of confectionery and pastry products
  • decorating confectionery


Subjects in vocational theoretical education

1.Confectionery technologies
2.The technique and safety in confectionery
3.Business activity
4.Vocational English


Subjects in practical vocational training

1.Practice classes


The place of practice

1.School organizes professional training in pastry in the following dimensions:
First class – twice a week for 5 hours
Second and third class – twice a week for 6 hours
2.Students decide which of the available confectionery plants want to take practice


Workplaces in the profession of pastry chef

  • pastry shops and restaurants in Poland and EU
  • own business

The procedurę of acquiring professional qualifications
Qualification exam TG4 – Production of confectionery product will be held in the 3rd class. After passing the exam, the student receives a certificate confirming qualifications in the profession of pastry chef and then after completing school, he receives a diploma confirming professional qualifications in the profession of pastry chef which is recognized in the EU.


What after school?
A graduate can continue education in:

  • industry secondary school where he can get qualification TG17 – Organization and supervision of food production, and get a diploma in profession – Food technology technician
  • secondary school