A graduate of a baker`s training school is prepared to perform the following tasks

  • performing activities related to the storage of baking raw products
  • preparation of warehouse documentation, equipment maintenance, measurement in the warehouse
  • operating machinery and equipment used in the production of bakery products
  • preparation of bakery convenience products
  • shaping and baking
  • preparation of bread for distribution


Subjects in theoretical vocational education

  1. Technology in the bakery production
  2. Technique in baking
  3. Basis of business
  4. Vocational English

Subjects in practical vocational training


Places of practice

  1. School organizes apprenticeships in bakeries in the following dimensions:
  2. 1st class – twice a week for 5 hours
  3. 2nd and 3rd class – twice a week for 6 hours
  4. Students decide in which baking establishments they want to take practice


Places where bakers can work

  • bakeries in Poland and European Union countries
  • business activity


Procedure for acquiring professional qualifications

Examination TG3 – production of bakery products takes place in the 3rd grade. After passing the exam, the students receives a certificate confirming his qualification. The diploma is recognized in European Union countries.


What after school?

After graduation, graduate may continue to study in

  • Technical school where he can get qualification TG 16 - Organizing and supervising the production of food products
    He gets a diploma in the profession Technician of food technology
  • Secondary School